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About Library Services:
Collection Development

Collection Development


Collection development is a means by which Library Services provides collections of information items that, given adequate financial resources, meet institutional, curricular, research, and instructional requirements, as well as the cultural needs of the College community. Library Services resources serve primarily to support students in all Springfield College programs, regardless of location. Library Services also serves as a repository of historical and archival materials related to the College's history and scholarly activities. Librarians serve as liaisons to academic departments and make selection decisions informed by the needs and requests of faculty and students.

General Selection Guidelines

  • The intellectual content of a resource must fit within the parameters of this policy and support the College curriculum, and where appropriate, the co-curriculum.
  • Content for recreational reading is collected to a lesser extent.
  • Duplication of essential titles in more than one format may occasionally be desired.
  • Whenever possible, a digital resource must:
    • Support and deliver reliable on-campus and remote access available through the college authentication methods.
    • Be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Be compatible and function well across a wide variety of platforms, including mobile devices.
    • Have a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly interface, offer accessibility tools, and high-quality technical support.
  • In general, contemporary materials are purchased more rigorously than older materials.
  • Library Services collects almost exclusively English-language materials.

Format of Materials

Library Services acquires materials in a variety of formats. Digital versions of resources are preferred as they allow the most flexible use at varied times and locations. Print materials are collected when that is the most appropriate and available format. Video formats are limited to what the campus infrastructure supports. Microforms and older media types are not collected.

Texts Required for Courses

Library Services cannot purchase textbooks or publisher-based instructional materials and platforms for reasons including, but not limited to, licensing restrictions and financial feasibility. However, librarians will work with faculty to identify course materials, including open access, Library Services resources, and other potential acquisitions that would enhance the collection. Library Services places a strong emphasis on equitable access to materials for all Springfield College students and seeks to continue building a collection which supports academic development.

Theses, Dissertations, and Other Research Projects

Library Services holds digital copies of theses and dissertations submitted for specific degree awarded majors and programs at Springfield College.

When requested by an academic department Library Services also holds research projects completed during graduate course work.

Archives & Special Collections

Archives collection development policies can be found on the College Archives website.

Removal of Materials

Withdrawal of library materials is done on a regular and ongoing basis as part of collection development and maintenance. Librarians may elect to withdraw or cancel materials that have become obsolete, are in need of repair, are not used, no longer support the College curriculum or when there is a financial need to reduce expenditures.

Revised November 14, 2023