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About Library Services: Gifts

Statement of Policy

Springfield College Library Services welcomes gifts that support the enhancement of our collection. We appreciate the generosity of patrons looking to donate materials to our collection.


In preparation for receiving gifts in good condition, the Library requires donors to provide a list of materials including the name, dates, total count and general condition of the materials. If gifts are accepted it should be understood that, upon receipt the library becomes the owner of the materials and, as such, reserves the right to determine its retention. The Library reserves the right to make considerations related to use, removal as well as refuse any potential gift at the library’s discretion. It should be known that the Library is not compelled to return unsought materials.


Books, journals, and other materials donated to the Library are designated for addition to the collections based on the recommendation of subject specialist librarians. Donations are examined and evaluated in accordance with the Library’s collection development policies and procedures.  Factors considered when reviewing gifts include:

  • The relationship of the materials to the College’s curricular, and recreational interests of students and faculty.

  • Duplication with materials already held.

  • Outdated Subject matter.

  • Superseded legal, medical, and other professional books

  • Need for the materials.

The following considerations will not be accepted:

  • Titles already owned (unless deemed necessary by subject matter librarian)

  • Short runs of research journals or nearly any popular journal.

  • Paperback novels and children’s books.

  • Audiovisual material employing old or non-familiar technology.

  • Condensed books, study aids.

  • Textbooks, medical books and law books over five years old.

  • Books which show signs of damage, from highlighters, insects, mold, etc.

  • Translations into languages other than English.

Donating to the Archives

Books and other published materials which support the research and teaching missions of Springfield College are encouraged as well as papers, photographs, pamphlets and other unpublished materials and artifacts which reflect the history of Springfield College. Consider whether your materials are appropriate for the Archives, and visit the Donating Materials web page for more information.

Optional Donation Resources

If your donation does not meet the acceptance requirement of Springfield College, consider the following options:


The Library acknowledges all gifts received. Donor files will be maintained and gifts will be reported to the College’s Office of Advancement Services for gift donations as appropriate. Donors are requested to provide their name and contact information on the receipt.


Materials must be dropped off; we will not and can not pick up materials. With advance notification after discussion of materials has taken place, you will be instructed on where to drop off donations.

To arrange for a donation or for more information, contact Patrick Hartsfield at or 413-748-3784.

Revised March 8, 2024