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Springfield College Records: Women’s Physical Education Majors Club (RG 183)

This is page 46 from the 1953 yearbook featuring the Women's Physical Education Majors Club. There is a group photo, list of club officers, and a description of the club.

Springfield College Women's Physical Education Majors Club

The Springfield College Women’s Physical Education Majors’ Club (WPEMC) was established in 1953. However, even before the full entry class of women in 1951, female students majoring in physical education were eligible to join the Physical Education Majors Association. WPMEC’s purpose was to “promote professional interest in physical education, encourage membership in state and national associations and provide professional inspiration and information through programs of interest to all members.” In 1954, the “official” gendered split occurs with the Physical Education Majors’ Association becoming the Men’s Physical Education Majors’ Association Club. Both clubs served as the campus units of the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. All women students at Springfield College who were Physical Education majors were eligible to become members. In 1967, active membership also entitled payment of dues ($.75 per year) and committee participation. During the 1971-72 school year, the organization specified that all female students enrolled in the major were considered members of the club. Meetings for the whole organization were held occasionally during the year with officers being elected at the end of winter term.

The club even had a publication called “Physical Education Publication,” which was meant to “embrace the field of physical education and acquaint new students with the department.” It is unclear the extent of the publication or how long it ran. The organization also offered various activities, including skill clinics, cracker-barrel sessions, social gathering convocations, picnics, demonstrations, guest speakers, fashion shows, state conventions, workshops, orientation programs, and fireside chats. All listed were meant to allow members to gain “a working knowledge of the various facets of her profession.”

During the 1973-1974 school year, the two gendered organizations dissolved and became one again under the name Physical Education Majors’ Club, an organization for men and women Health, Physical Education, and Recreation major students.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Women's Physical Education Majors Club records contains photographs, constitutions, printed materials, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings and news releases created between 1956 to 1963. Most of the materials are in or were part of a scrapbook on the club. The scrapbook focuses on events conducted by the club, including carnival, demonstrations, "playdays," AAHPER and the Eastern District conventions, sporting events, and luncheons. There are listings of club officers, some of which are handwritten in the scrapbook. Many of the photographs and documents have written descriptions associations with them, including identifying who is in the photographs. Finally, within the collection, there are some copies from college yearbooks and handbooks that talk about the history and purpose of the club.