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Springfield College Records: Springfield College Records Collections

Springfield College Records

Springfield College’s archival records--other than widely distributed records, such as open meeting minutes, College publications, and publicity photographs--will normally remain closed for 25 years from the date of their creation. Access to record series spanning several years will be granted 25 years from the most recent date in the series.

Olympics Tableaux, Springfield College Gymnastics

Athletic Collections

The Springfield College Athletic Collections contain manuscripts, images, videos, and other materials related to Springfield College's athletic departments. 

Working on the grounds, 1895- 1900?

Buildings and Ground Collections

The Springfield College Buildings and Grounds Collections contain materials on Springfield College campus buildings, Lake Massasoit, and property owned by Springfield College. Major campus buildings have been organized into their own collections.

The cover page to a brochure of the farewell Banquet to Senior Members, celebrated in Wood’s Hall in May 19, 1922. This banquet was given by the Cosmopolitan Club, of the International YMCA College, now Springfield College. The program was composed of prayer, eats, toastmaster’s remarks, and addresses by Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Pucillo, Dr. Doggett, and Dr. Ballantine. The evening’s menu was soup a la Sicilienne, Shanghai celery, Spanish olives, rolls and butter, Philippine steak, French fried potatoes, Peloponnesian salad, ice cream a la Deutcshland, Honolulu Orangade, and Brazilian Coffee.  The program was signed by attendees. Countries that they came from are listed by a number.

Clubs Collections

The Springfield College Clubs Collections contain handbooks, manuscripts, images, videos, and other materials related to clubs at Springfield College throughout its history.

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