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College History: College History

With its long and storied history, Springfield College has undergone many changes during its lifetime. One thing that has remained the same since our conception in 1885 is our mission of educating students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others. We incorporate this into everything we do, from academics to athletics.

Springfield College Presidents

Year(s) Name Photo
1885 - 1891 David Allen Reed
1891 - 1893 Henry S. Lee
1893 - 1896 Charles S. Barrows
1896 - 1936 Laurence L. Doggett
1937 - 1946 Ernest M. Best
1946 - 1952 Paul M. Limbert
1953 - 1957 Donald C. Stone
1958 - 1965 Glenn A. Olds
1965 - 1985 Wilbert E. Locklin
1985 - 1992 Frank S. Falcone
1992 - 1998 Randolph W. Bromery
1999 - 2013 Richard B. Flynn
2013 - Mary-Beth A. Cooper

College Seal

In 1889 faculty member Luther H. Gulick, pioneer in physical education and recreation in the United States, created the inverted equilateral triangle logo to represent spirit, mind, and body. The School adopted the triangle as its emblem in December 1891. As the basis for the YMCA's official symbol, the triangle became one of the most recognized corporate logos around the world. Gulick explained What the Triangle Means in 1894. The College seal was registered as a trademark with the United States Patent Office in 1968. 

Springfield College Seal

In 2015, Springfield College developed its first logo, which proudly displays the Gulick triangle, representing the balance of spirit, mind, and body. The seal remains a sacred symbol at Springfield College and is used for presidential communications and official College business, including on our diplomas. 

Name Changes

Year Name
1885 School for Christian Workers
1890 YMCA Training School
1891 International YMCA Training School
1912 International YMCA College
1954 Springfield College