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Springfield College Digital Collections: Springfield College Alumni Magazines

The Springfield College Alumni Magazine Collection

The Springfield College Alumni Magazine collection includes magazines, newsletters, and general college publications that were written, in part, to update the Springfield College community on-campus events and the activities of the Alumni of Springfield College. Publications included are the Association Training School Notes (1892-1897), Association Outlook (1897-1900), Association Seminar (1901-1918), The Bulletin or College at Springfield (1927-1986), Alumni Magazine (1986-1991), and The Triangle (1991-present). Over the years, the focus and style of these magazines have changed. These differences are noted in the descriptions below.

  • The Association Training School Notes was published from February 1892 through July 1897. It was devoted to the general interests of the International YMCA Training School community and acted as a medium of communication between the school, its former students, and the students themselves. The publication describes events at the school, including board meetings, sporting events, special events, and faculty and staff work and news.  The Association Training School Notes was replaced by the Association Outlook, though the Training School Notes, with its description of happenings on campus and alumni news, remained a section in both the Association Outlook and the Association Seminar.
  • The Association Outlook was published from October 1897 through July 1900. The main focus of the Association Outlook was intended for those “…who are interested in religious work for young men in general, and the Young Men’s Christian Association in particular. It aims at the leaders rather than the members of the movement.”  Luther Halsey Gulick was the editor and manager of the publication.  When Luther Halsey Gulick left the school, the Association Outlook was discontinued. After a year hiatus, the publication was brought back as the Association Seminar.
  • The Association Seminar was published from October 1901 through February 1918. The main goal of the Association Seminar was to publish works by the Student, Faculty, and Alumni of the International YMCA Training School, now Springfield College. These works include articles on physical education, religion, sporting events, boys' work, and other topics important to the YMCA.  
  • The Springfield Student (the Student), the student newspaper on campus, was first published as part of the Association Seminar in the January 1909 issue (Vol. 17, No. 4) and concluded in the July 1910 issue (Vol. 18, No. 10). The Springfield Student is still the name of the campus newspaper to this day.
  • The Bulletin ran from 1927 to 1986. Throughout its run, the bulletin featured the innovative and compelling work undertaken by college faculty, students, and alumni. However, it appears to have had a stronger focus on student life, campus events, and college programs than its future incarnations. 
  • The Alumni Magazine was published from fall 1986 through spring 1991. The magazine generally opened with three or four articles featuring the innovative and compelling work undertaken by the college faculty, students, and alumni. It also typically included reports from the president, athletic news, development news, and alumni news.
  • The Triangle, the current title of Springfield College's alumni magazine (1991-present), is a reference to the school's emblem: the inverted triangle representing Spirit, Mind, and Body. As with its previous formats, the magazine covers college news, including faculty research and school development projects and alumni achievements and updates.