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Adobe Photoshop CC: Photoshop CC Workplace

Quick descriptions of layout, features, and importing images

The Workplace

Tools Panel: This is where the basics of editing the image are housed, with similar features to Microsoft Paint. You can select portions of the image to be edited, choose foreground or background colors, rotate the image, or even add text of your own.

Application Bar: This is where you could launch Adobe Bridge or Mini Bridge, zoom in, get help, save or open images, or launch applications such as filtering.

Options: This displays the options and settings for whatever tool is selected.

Workplace Switcher: This has options for panels having to do with specific activities you can perform with Photoshop. The default setting is on "Essentials", though you can customize and save different workstations. 

Panel Dock: Displayed here are options for modifying images, such as changing the color balance or working with layers.

Photoshop Workspace Setup Video