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Adobe Photoshop CC: Fun Edits

What Can I Edit?

There are thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of different edits you can perform with Photoshop CS6, all with different levels of complexity to achieve a certain effect. Tutorials of common edits you may wish to perform have been included here for your reference. The first video will display a neat trick to changing eye color. The second will show you a nifty way to remove the background while preserving the subject of the photo. The third is a cool way to merge items from different images to create a new image. The fourth will make yellow teeth sparkle better than brushing, and the fifth video will teach you to give the image a gnarled and grungy effect.

Changing Eye Color Tutorial Video

This is an interesting effect accomplished with little effort and can be used on more than just eyes.

Removing the Background Tutorial Video

Often, you may want to combine two aspects of two different images. This video teaches you how to separate the parts of an image that you may want to merge with something else.

Merging Two Images with Layer Masks Tutorial Video

After you have removed interesting parts of photos, learn to add them together with this tutorial.

Whitening Teeth Tutorial Video

A simple fix to whiten yellow teeth.

Dragan Effect Tutorial Video

Make a photo look dark and grungy using this technique.