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Using Mental Measurements Yearbook

This guide will help you find information about tests, surveys, questionnaires, and other measurement tools.

Finding Test Information with Mental Measurements Yearbook

For information and reviews of tests and other measurement tools for psychology and related fields, Mental Measurements Yearbook is the most comprehensive and valuable tool. 

Provides full text reviews and information about commercially available, standardized tests that measure educational skills, personality, vocational aptitude, psychology, and related areas.  Entries include title, purpose, target population, scores, administration, priced, time, authors, publisher, and critical reviews.

When you use Mental Measurements Yearbook, you can search for a specific test by name or you can type in a topic to see whether tests on that topic have been published.  Use the contact or publisher information to purchase the instrument if you need it. 

For help logging in or using the databases please contact us at (413) 748-3315 or via e-mail web form at Ask the Library!

Help with Citations

Am I supposed to put a period after the author's name or a comma? 

Does the title get underlined or not? 

When it's time to write your paper and bibliography, you can find the answers to these and other formatting questions by checking out Citing Sources.  This guide provides links to websites that discuss all the major style guides, like APA and MLA, as well as citation examples that you can quickly refer to.  If you are not sure which citation style your class is using, ask your professor.

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