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Rare Book Collection

Size: 44 shelves, approximately 2,900 volumes (2,881 count)

Summary: Springfield College has a deep collection of YMCA Publications & Historical Sources that highlight the YMCA movement and its programs from the local level to the international level. Many of these sources are YMCA publications – either periodicals or monographs – published by the Y’s own Association Press. While the YMCA’s institutional Archive is at the University of Minnesota, Springfield College has one of the richest YMCA history collections in the US and the deepest collection on the East Coast. Examples include over 800 pamphlets of the YMCA International Commission (1870-1896); a full run of the YMCA periodical The Watchman / Young Men’s Era; and a variety of YMCA reports, conferences, and conventions.

Spines of rare books: World's Youth, American Y.M.C.A. Year Books and Conventions