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Designing Effective Posters: Home

Learn effective strategies for designing effective research posters for Scholars in Action Day and other conference presentation projects.


Welcome! The purpose of Designing Effective Posters is to help you communicate through a poster. This tutorial includes the following sections:

Design Elements presents criteria for determining the effectiveness of a poster. Use these criteria as guidelines for designing your poster.

Design Process describes the tasks for creating a poster. Refer to this section for help with planning and carrying out your poster project..

Using Software describes techniques for creating a poster with software programs, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign, for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

This tutorial does not assume any knowledge of poster design or software, though some background in PowerPoint would be helpful. The Using Software sections focus on using these programs for creating posters. They do not discuss the other features of the programs not specific to creating posters.

Best of luck with your presentation! 


This guide has been adapted with permission from the UNC Health Sciences Library at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.