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How Do I Cite That?

When it's time to write your paper and bibliography, our How Do I Cite That? page can help you format your citations and references correctly. If you are not sure which citation style your class is using, ask your professor.


Zotero is a Citation Management Tool highly recommended for students and faculty that regularly download and use research materials. It allows users to easily import PDF's into a personal research collection while preserving bibliographic metadata. Once the research materials have been downloaded, they can be organized locally on your hard drive through the Zotero interface. A special file hierarchy used only for your research collection can be customized to suit your needs! Documents can also be tagged according to the project, semester, or class they relate to. Finally, Zotero integrates with your word processor of choice, allowing you to automatically generate citations for the materials in your collection while in the process of writing your next paper or manuscript.

For further information and to download Zotero, visit the link below.