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The Living Center and Kakley Graduate Annex (RG 145)

This is a view of the side of Springfield College's Living Center and Kakley Graduate Annex model before it was built. It is assumed that this model is set in Babson Library because there is a card catalog shown behind it. Trees and bushes are covering the surroundings of the model.

The Living Center and Kakley Graduate Annex

The Living Center at Springfield College serves as apartment style housing for students. Originally known as the Logan Street building or the Standard Electric Time Building, it was was purchased by Springfield College in 1990. The Standard Electric Time Company was founded in 1884 and their headquarters were in Springfield from 1911 to 1981. They manufactured synchronized clock systems and fire alarm systems, reportedly the first such manufacturing company in the United States. The former Standard Electric Time Building had been in use for 76 years. The purchase price and renovation costs were part of a $7 million bond issue the college took.  The building was split into two distinct sections, the Living Center and, eventually, the academic section, with classrooms and offices, eventually being called Herbert P. Blake Hall. The entire building measured 120,000 square feet. The Living Center opened in September 1990. It became the second building on campus to house apartments, after the Townhouses. The new Living Center helped the housing shortage that was occurring at the time. The Kakley Annex was constructed in 1991 to be used for graduate housing. 

The Living Center has a capacity of 224 residents, made up of four floors with 47 total apartments. Each apartment houses 3 to 6 people. The Living Center is available to seniors and juniors. Each apartment has a kitchen, a common room, and private bathroom. The students can live in either single or double rooms within the apartment. There is a lounge located on the first floor, a laundry room, and a courtyard in the back of the building to allow for socializing and events to take place. The Kakley Annex holds 24 graduate students. The students have individual rooms; but share a kitchen/dining area, living room, and 2 bathrooms. 

On April 13th, 2007, a dedication service was held to name the graduate annex the Kakley Graduate Annex. This was a done as a permanent symbol of Joseph Kakley’s long standing commitment to Springfield College and the Old Hill Neighbor, where he grew up in the 1940’s. Joe Kakley operated one of the largest home-building supply centers in Western Massachusetts, J.R. Kakley & Sons, Inc.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection documents the planning, construction, and significance of the Living Center and Kakley Annex. The collection contains floor plans for both buildings, a CD of the dedication of the Kakley Annex, photographs of the Living Center before renovations (also are pictures of the Blake Hall side of the building), and a couple photographs of the exterior of Kakley Annex.