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Getting Started With Research: Citing Information

Citing Information

[Citation Needed] poster at protest

Photo Credit: Dan4th Nicholas via Flickr

Making sure you have cited all of the information you used in your assignment is important. It shows that you consulted with experts in the subject. It also prevents plagiarism, which is when someone uses someone else's information, ideas, or words without giving proper recognition. Plagiarism is serious, especially when it comes to writing research papers or projects, so always be sure to properly cite your sources.

Academic Writer is a good place to start. This tool provides tutorials and guides to help people research, write, and cite using APA style. Whether you want to develop your overall skills in those areas or just have a quick question you need answered, it's a great resource to revisit throughout your college and professional career!

Take a look at our research guides if you need help citing sources in APA, MLA or AMA. There you will find basic information about how the style functions along with examples of the basic citation formats and resources you can delve into for further information.

Also, don't be afraid to visit Writing and Reading Support Services in the Academic Success Center, 3rd floor of the Learning Commons. The tutors are experts in writing and properly citing papers, and they are also great at giving you tips to help you throughout the writing process.