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Staff Lounge (LC207)

Staff Lounge

Staff Lounge


The staff lounge is located by the printers on the left side of the building (when facing from the entrance). The room is shared met for staff, but can be by students and faculty as well.

The room has:

  • a K-Cup coffee machine
  • a K-Cup recycling station
  • stocked pantries
  • a microwave
  • and a refrigerator.

The room also has a painting by Bill Blizard, a former Springfield College professor who taught art courses and education courses.

This room cannot be reserved.

Pride Pantry

Depending on the time of year, the room will also have a box which can be used to donate nonperishable goods and toiletries to the Pride Pantry, a pantry for students experiencing food insecurity run by the The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement at 385 Eastern Avenue, Springfield MA.