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Library eBooks

Library Services purchases hundreds of online books every year. These are free for students to use, and many (but not all!) may be accessed by an unlimited number of people at the same time. Like open textbooks, you can link to these in your Brightspace classroom or syllabus. 



  Library Services' eBooks  

Library Services eBooks

Library Services purchases many online books that your students can access for free. Better yet, we choose titles based on what will be useful for you and your students. Click here for an explanation of the different types of ebooks you'll find in our collection, or search our collection using the box above.

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  Need help?   Your Library Liaison is waiting to help you identify the best online resources for your class. We know that finding the right resource can be overwhelming, and we are willing to do some of the “footwork” involved in locating online library books that will save your students money. Let us help you help your students!