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Free Online Textbooks: Open Textbooks

Open Textbooks

Free Online Textbooks


A new solution to an old problem...

Open textbooks are high-quality resources that can be accessed online for free, that may be linked to in your Brightspace classroom, and that often can be downloaded for offline access. Below are the most helpful resources and collections we've found. For more information, feel free to contact Library Services for help!


  OpenStax College  

OpenStax College

This is a simple and high quality source for open textbooks. In terms of flexibility and quality, they're among the best available.

Subjects: Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Psychology, Sociolog, US History, and more

  Open Textbook Library  

Open Textbook Library

This is a relatively easy-to-use website that collects open textbooks from many of the best resources on the web. Both browsing and search capabilities are useful, and the scope is quite broad.

Subjects: Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Science, Social Science, Statistics, and many more



This is a very large collection of open textbooks. Search functionality and ease of use isn't great, but this is nevertheless a very useful tool.

Subjects: Academic Support Services, Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Mathematics and Statistics, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Workforce Development, and more



This is a collection of learning modules, PowerPoints, and tests on topics related to Psychology. The information is high quality, and the website is well-designed and easy to use.

Subjects: Psychology

  OER Commons  

Open Educational Resources Commons

This resource collects open textbooks and other resources and allows you to get very granular with what you want. The link provided has many of the likely search options in place already.

Subjects: Arts, Business, English Language Arts, Humanities, Mathematics and Statistics, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, and more


Do you need some help figuring this out?

Your Library Liaison is waiting to help you identify the best online resources for your class. We know that finding the right resource can be overwhelming, and we are willing to do some of the “footwork” involved in locating free textbooks that will save your students money. Let us help you help your students!