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Nutrition: Finding Articles

Use this guide to find books, articles, web sites and more related to nutrition.

Open Access Journals

Looking for more (or different) journals? Find links to open access journals and learn more about open access through our Open Access Guide.

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Databases for Nutrition Research

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Search Tips

* Many e-resources have a browsable Thesaurus (also called Subject Terms, Subject Headings, or Topics) to help you build a search. These subject words can be searched in a field called "Descriptors" or "Subjects" for more relevant search results.

* Use a truncation symbol to find alternate forms of words. In most e-resources this symbol is an asterisk * (the little star above the number 8 on your keyboard). For example: child* will produce all records that start with those 5 letters - children, childhood, childcare, etc.

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) Checklists