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Distinguished Professor of Humanics: Regina Kaufman 2015-2016

Regina Kaufman 2015-2016

Title of Humanics Lecture
Humanics as Pedagogy: Academic-Community Engagement as the Pathway to Leadership in Service

Earned Degrees
Doctor of Education in Higher Education Policy and Research, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2007)
Master of Science in Physical Therapy, MGH Institute of Health Professions (1995)
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Russell Sage College (1984)

Current Title at Springfield College
Professor of Physical Therapy

Short statement that describes what it means to be a Distinguished Professor of Humanics:
My year as the Humanics Professor provided me with a welcome bully pulpit. Academic-community engagement is a largely hidden gem of the academic programs. I strove to shine a light on the unheralded work of many dozens of SC faculty who bring a robust and intellectually-informed commitment to leveraging the strengths of the community with the strengths of academe, to the benefit of both. The nature of my project gave me strong impetus to learn about the inspiring work of many of my colleagues. It was an honor to create educational events as well as celebrations on their behalf. I felt emboldened - at once a little risky and a little fun - to suggest a path toward a signature pedagogy of community-engaged education. I enjoyed the intellectual stimulation as well as the collegiality and good will.

Short statement that describes how you continued to live the Humanics mission after your year as Distinguished Professor of Humanics:
I continue to believe that academic-community engagement makes sense as a signature pedagogy for Springfield College, and I advocate for that at every appropriate opportunity. I continue to include a significant service learning initiative in my own academic and clinical practices. I am actively extending my engagement-focused energies into the greater Springfield community.


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