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Distinguished Professor of Humanics: Martin Dosick 1994-1995

Martin Dosick 1994 - 1995

Title of Humanics Lecture
Humanics: Humane Dynamics with a Future

Earned Degrees
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles (1965)
Master of Arts, University of California, Los Angeles (1955)
Bachelor of Arts, Boston University (1952)

Final Title at Springfield College
Professor of Sociology


Martin Dosick was hired in 1965 as Assistant Professor of Sociology and came with well-respected academic credentials as well as impressive informal learning credentials. He had lived for a year and a half among prisoners in Ashland, Kentucky and worked as a park ranger among Native Americans documenting sociology issues related to these groups. In 1981 Dr. Dosick wrote of the importance of Humanics to then DPH, Dr. Henry Paar.

“So here is Springfield College, which, along with other places, seeks to train people to implement this philosophy in their human services careers. To the extent that we, and they succeed, this faculty and this College build a reputation for humane and dedicated graduates. It is written in sociology that ideas drawn from a cultural matrix need formal organizations to implement them. Insofar as the organizations have adequate personnel, eager learners and sufficient facilities, the operations are successful… We need administrative support for humanistic teaching. It’s the most human, humane, humanic, humanitarian and humungous thing to do”

After retiring, Dr. Dosick continued to teach as an adjunct professor offering interesting courses such as The Sociology of Genocide and the Holocaust. Dr. Dosick died in 2016.