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Distinguished Professor of Humanics: Kathleen Mangano 2022-2023

Kathleen Mangano 2022-2023

Title of Humanics Lecture:
Title IX at 50: Educate & Advocate

Earned Degrees:
B.S., Springfield College, 1986
M.Ed., Springfield College, 1988
D.E., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2007

Current or final title at Springfield College:
Professor of Physical Education

Short statement that describes what it means to be a Distinguished Professor of Humanics:
Serving as the 2022-2023 Distinguished Professor of Humanics was a tremendous honor. As a proud alumna and faculty member for 30+ years at this special institution, I understand the magnitude and responsibility of this prestigious role beyond one year. I will always feel a sense of pride and humility knowing I am part of this exclusive group of faculty who have demonstrated their commitment and dedication to living the Humanics philosophy. I strive to live the Humanics philosophy through my words and actions each and every day.

Short statement that describes how you continued to live the Humanics mission after your year as Distinguished Professor of Humanics:
I will continue to take action to educate our College and the greater community by taking action to advocate and encourage others to take action to preserve and strengthen Title IX - - an important civil rights law that provides access and equality in education to all.

Visit the Title IX At 50 webpage.



Image credit: Springfield College Directory