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Distinguished Professor of Humanics: H. H. Giles 1971-1972

H. H. Giles 1971-1972

Title of Humanics Lecture
Human Nature and Human Affairs (1971)
Humanics at Work Among Friends and Enemies (1972)

Earned Degrees
Ph.D., Ohio State University (1942)
Master of Arts, University of Wisconsin (1937)
Bachelor of Arts, Amherst College (1923)

Final Title at Springfield College
Distinguished Consultant in Humanics


Dr. Giles began his career in education and community work in 1922 and finished his career at New York University’s School of Education in 1970. Over the course of his career Dr. Giles held positions as both Director of Community Education and Director of the Bureau for Intercultural Education. In 1947, he founded and became first director of the Center for Human Relations Studies at New York University's School of Education. Dr. Giles was the first and only non-Springfield College faculty member to hold a Distinguished Professor of Humanics appointment. His actual title was Distinguished Consultant in Humanics. He provided two lectures in consecutive years and while at SC he taught a course on urbanology. Dr. Giles died in 1974.