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Distinguished Professor of Humanics: Edward J. Sims 1982

Edward J. Sims 1982

Title of Humanics Lecture
The Meaning of Humanics

Earned Degrees
Doctor of Education, Columbia University Teachers College (1961)
Master of Arts, Albany State College (1952)
Bachelor of Science, Springfield College (1951)

Final Title at Springfield College
Professor of English


After serving in the Merchant Marine in World War II, Dr. Sims served on the Springfield College faculty for 39 years. In addition to teaching a variety of courses in English, he was also the Coordinator of the Division of General Education. Professionally active between literature and sport Dr. Sims was a co-founder of the Sport Literature Association. After his retirement, he continued to be active in the Springfield Preservation Trust where he resided in an historic house in the Hill-McKnight area of Springfield. Dr. Simms died in 2010.