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Putting Library Resources Online:

Information for Faculty on adding library resource to online classrooms. Includes information and links to related resources

D2L Brightspace Library Linking Video

This video covers the basics of linking to many of the Library's resources in Brightspace. You'll find documents with step-by-step instructions below.

Adding Library Books to Online Classes

Adding Library Articles to Online classes

When linking to articles from the Library's resources you'll want to make sure that the link will work, and that it will work for students both on and off campus. To do this you'll want to use a permalink, a URL that will always take the user to the same place. When searching library databases this is usually NOT the link at the top of the page. Here are some ways you can find article permalinks and add them to your Birghtspace classroom.

If you already know what article you want:

If you start by searching for articles on a topic then you may  be able to find an use a permalink from the database you are searching. Here is how to do this in different databases:

If you search  using the Quick Search on the Library's home page then use the (Instructions from above ).

If you are searching another database here is how to find the permalinks:

For more assistance

For information about and assistance with library resources contact one of the Library's Subject Specialists:

For assistance with Brightspace start here:

For assistance with online pedagogy contact: