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General Collections of Psychology Sites

The following databases and collections of e-journals contain citations, abstracts, tables of contents, and/or the full text of articles related to psychology.  For help logging in or using these or other resources please contact us at (413) 748-3315 or via e-mail web form at Ask the Library!

Evaluating Web Sites

How can you tell if a web site is trustworthy or not?  It's not always easy, but there are things that you can look for that will help you decide. 

 Who is the author?  Are they qualified to talk about this subject?

  • How accurate is the information?  You may need to compare what you find with another source to answer this question.
  • Who is the audience?  This can influence how much detail is included.
  • What point of view is being represented?  All sites have a bias, but is it obvious or are they trying to hide something?
  • How up to date is the site?  Older information may no longer be accurate.
  • How comprehensive is the page?  Some pages may leave out critical information. 

Suggestion: Put all your resources through the "CRAP Test" (developed by Mercer College).