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Online Videos

Finding and using online videos

This page will help you understand the basics of finding online videos on the library website and using them in your classroom. Scroll down for the step-by-step breakdown!

Watch this for more information about searching and this (long) workshop about adding resources to Brightspace.


Step 1: Choose some search terms


The first thing you'll want to do is choose some words that cover the most important parts of the topic you're searching for.

Watch this video for more information.




Step 2: Use the search box


After coming up with some good search words, you'll want to head to the library website and add them to the search box you find there. Then hit enter or click the magnifying glass!




Step 3: Limit your results


There's a good chance that the list of results that comes up will include much more than online videos. In fact, many of the results at the top of the list are likely to be books. To only view online videos in your results, click "eVideo" in the format box on the left.

Note that you might need to click "see all" first; it depends on the search!




Step 4: View the video


When you find a video you're interested in watching, click the View Online button. This will take you to the video's page in one of our databases. Next, you'll just want to click the play button! 




Step 5: Add to Brightspace or share with students


If you decide that you want to use the video you found, look for the permanent link. (Usually you can find this by scrolling down the page and looking for something that says "Link," "Title URL," etc.) You can paste the link into your Brightspace classroom, your syllabus, or an email to allow students easy access to the video.