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Information Literacy at Springfield College

Request Library Instruction

Liaison librarians are happy to provide in-class instruction sessions for your students. Submit the Library Instruction Request Form (below) to request a class visit. Your library liaison will contact you to schedule an instruction session and discuss learning outcomes and goals for the class. 

Please note: Librarians will be offering virtual instruction only during the Fall 2020 semester.

Who is responsible for creating information literate students?

We all are!

Instruction librarians specialize in information literacy (IL) as a discipline, and we can provide a unique perspective to you and to students because we are experts in the various and ever-changing ways that information is created, organized, and used to move knowledge forward across different disciplines and contexts. That said, IL is intertwined with most other subjects and disciplines, and because of this, you are probably already incorporating aspects of IL into your courses, whether you are aware or not. The embedded model of information literacy we follow here at Springfield College means that we are all responsible for making sure our students become ethical, deliberate users of information throughout their lives. If you have any questions about ways to plan your classes, construct assignments, update your own IL knowledge, or use library/online/archival resources to meet this important need, please don't hesitate to ask a librarian.

(Marsh Memorial Library, image courtesy of SC archives)