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Finding Company Information

Finding Company Information

Photo Credit: Brian Glanz via Flickr

Finding Company Information

What Is A 10-K?

A 10-K is an annual report that all public companies must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  It typically includes an overview of the company's business and financial condition as well as audited financial statements.

Search EDGAR

EDGAR is the Securities and Exchange Commission's database of company reports and filings.  This is where you will find the 10-K for your company.

  1. Go to the EDGAR search page
  2. Type the ticker symbol* for your company in the second box
  3. Click the Find Companies button
  4. Limit your results to the 10-K report by typing 10-K in the Form Type box
  5. Click the Retrieve Selected Filings button
  6. Find the most recent report (it should be on top) and click the HTML link
  7. Click the first link in the Document column

As you will see, 10-K reports are very detailed and very long.  Generally speaking, they are divided into four parts:

  1. Part One - Detailed information about the company
  2. Part Two - Detailed financial information
  3. Part Three - Information related to governance, executive compensation, etc.
  4. Part Four - Extra information including more detailed financial documents

You will have to carefully review the different sections to find the information you need.  Keep in mind that there may be supporting documents in other parts of the report.

* You can search by company name by typing it in the first box.  Be careful!  You will probably get the reports for several different companies with a similar name.  Make sure that you select the right one.