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Evidence-Based Medicine: Evidence-Based Medicine

Research and information about evidence-based medicine

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Evidence-Based Medicine?

Evidence-based medicine refers to the attempt to apply the standards of evidence from medicial research to clinical decision-making and other aspects of practice. You can find a much more thorough explanation at Oxford University's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Evidence-Based Medicine Databases/Resources

Quick Search in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews:

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

List of evidence-based practice resources available either through Library Services or freely available on the web:

Other EBM Websites

New from Cochrane

Here are the latest reviews from Cochrane Collection, the premiere evidence-based medicine database. Check back often, as this section will update automatically whenever new reviews are added!
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Citing Sources

When it's time to write your paper and bibliography, our Citing Sources page can help you format your citations and references correctly. If you are not sure which citation style your class is using, ask your professor.