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The Ultimate College Survival Guide: Home

Whether it's your first year on campus or your final semester, this guide provides resources for helping you navigate your college career successfully.

Campus Resources

Print & E-Books

[Image Description: A desktop computer in the middle of the image shows an Internet search for "I need help with my research!" The window reads "Have no fear, Library Services is here! Whether you prefer phone, email, chat, or meeting face-to-face, our reference librarians are here to provide expert support for every academic program." Five lines stem from this computer, connecting to five text boxes. 

Moving clockwise, from left to right:

Box 1: John Brady, Assistant Director for Research & Access. Business Management, Criminal Justice, Math/Physics/Computer Science. 413-748-3505. Meet With Me:

Box 2: Elizabeth Marathas, Reference Librarian. Biology/Chemistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Health Sciences, Physician Assistant. 413-748-3504. Meet With Me:

Box 3: Mackenzie Dunn, Outreach Reference Librarian. Honors Program; Humanities & Social Sciences; Literature, Writing & Journalism; Springfield College Seminar; Visual & Performing Arts. 413-748-3096. Meet With Me:

Box 4: Sheri Sochrin, Reference Librarian. Education, Sport Management & Recreation, Exercise Science & Athletic Training, Physical Education & Health Education. 413-748-3377. Meet With Me:

Box 5: Alicia Hopkins, Reference Librarian. Counseling, Human Services, Social Work, Psychology. 413-748-3848. Meet With Me:]

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