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CHEM122 - General Chemistry II: Outline of Presentation

Writing an Outline

What will your final video presentation include? Your outline is a helpful roadmap for your group to plan your project before making the video. The more thought you put into your outline, the easier it will be to create your presentation later. Your group will also get more useful feedback from your professor if you include detailed content in your outline!

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Your outline will have separate sections (numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.) for each of the 5 points you're making about your infographic.
  • Each point will have 3-5 facts beneath it (indented and lettered a, b, c, etc.), which will be supported by outside sources. These facts do not need to be taken directly from the infographic! Your job is to go beyond the infographic and find additional research about the topic.
  • Include your sources beneath each fact (indented and numbered i, ii, iii, etc.), with an APA citation for each reference. 
  • Write in full sentences for clarity!

Finding Supporting Information

You will need at least 3 peer-reviewed sources to provide additional information about your infographic topic. Library databases are your best resource for finding credible, peer-reviewed articles! Try these suggested databases to search for scholarly research on your topic.

Citing Your Sources

Your group's outline and final presentation must include references formatted in APA style. Library databases have built-in citation tools that will automatically format your references, but these computer-generated citations can sometimes have errors! The best resource for checking your APA citations is Academic Writer, the official APA citation platform. Open the Academic Writer link and click the "Learn" section to find sample citations and tutorials.