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Want to site down and talk to a librarian about your research? Schedule an appointment with Sheri.

Research Companion

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A little unsure about a part of the research process? Want a refresher on what specific terms mean? Try browsing Research Companion, a series of short videos that cover all steps of research. You can also find it in listed among our databases.

Got a Question?

Ask the Library!

Search the Library's Frequently Asked Questions to get help. Nothing matching what you want to know? Then submit your question and a librarian will respond shortly!

Writing and Citing Help

Need help writing a paper? Aren't sure how to format something?  Try some of these resources:

Would you like more assistance?  Get in touch with Writing and Reading Support Services in the Academic Success Center on the 3rd floor of the Learning Commons. 


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Mendeley is a citation management tool that will help you save, organize and cite all your references! Easily download citations from databases and the web. Microsoft Word integration makes Mendeley a powerful research and writing tool. Check out more on our Mendeley research guide!