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EMS Management

Essential Library Databases for EMSM

SC Library Services subscribes to databases full of articles, ebooks, 3D renderings, videos, and more. Here are some of the most useful ones for EMSM students and faculty.

Starting with a search topic

Sometimes a keyword search on a topic is your best bet. You can try searching in the library's main discovery tool (that big search box on the homepage) but it can also be helpful to go straight to a database dedicated to allied health and medicine, to make sure you're getting the most relevant results.

Example: If I want to read articles about how new technologies can affect EMS services, I can try searching in the databases CINAHL or Medline Complete (two of the best databases for finding articles about EMS topics,) for terms such as:

emergency medicine AND technology

PRO TIP: Often, articles use a variety of forms of those words, such as medic, medical, technological etc., and it's hard to know which to chose. To save you from having to do multiple searches, you can use a wildcard (it's this star *) which tells the database you'll accept multiple endings, such as: emergency medic* AND technol*